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Audio Devices

Audio Devices
Original Xiaomi Earphone Mi Piston 3 Fresh Version In-Ear with Mic 3.5mm Wire Control for mobile phone xiaomi earphones headset
Immediate availability
700 KES(VAT excl.)
Original 1MORE Piston Headphones In-ear Earphone Stereo Sweatproof Headset High-Resolution In-Ear Canal Headphones
This product is unavailable.
750 KES(VAT excl.)
Frequency response; 20-20000Hz
Impedance; 16 Ohms
Sensitivity; 108db
IPX4 Water resistance
Bluetooth 5.0
CVC6.0 Noise Cancellation
Headphone Battery 3.7V/43Mah
Charging box; 380Mah

Immediate availability
1,445 KES(VAT excl.)
Bluetooth 5.1 Adopted; Support Touch Control; Battery capacity: 380mAh;
Low latency mode: simple triple tap left earbud to turn it on and you will enjoy lip-sync video on line;
Active Noise Cancelling for clear phone calls;
Immediate availability
1,700 KES(VAT excl.)
QCY T5 True Wireless Earphones
Bluetooth Version 5.0
Headphones Capacity 40Mah each/380Mah Case Capacity
Autonomy Playback upto 5 hours/ with the case 150 hours
Immediate availability
1,800 KES(VAT excl.)
Frequency response: 20-20000Hz ,Impedance: 32 ohms, Sensitivity 108 dB, Compatible with Android and iOS, IPX4 Certificate
Immediate availability
1,900 KES(VAT excl.)
13mm dynamic driver, Response frequency: 20Hz-20kHz Low latency
Microphones: Noise cancellation Connection: Bluetooth v5.1 Distance of use: up to 10 meters
Supports HFP / HSD / A2DP / AVRCP / AAC, Compatible with Android and iOS APP QCY ( Android e iOS ) Functions: Automatic pairing Touch control Certified IPX4 (waterproof)
Battery: 40 mAh (earphones) / 380 mAh (charging box) Usage time: 4 hours (earphones) / up to 20 hours (with charging box) Charging via USB Type C
Immediate availability
1,920 KES(VAT excl.)
13mm drivers, High quality sound ,Spectacular Bass,Dual Microphone ,ENC audio cancellation technology,IPX4 water resistance,Autonomy in playback mode: up to 3.5 hours
Immediate availability
1,980 KES(VAT excl.)
QCY T9S True Wireless
Noise Cancellation
Bluetooth Version 5.0
Headphones Capacity 43Mah(each)/Case Capacity 380Mah
Playback upto 4.5 Hours/with Case Upto 18 Hours
This product is unavailable.
2,059 KES(VAT excl.)
Driver: 7.2mm Dynamic Driver / Chipset: Jieli AD6976D;
Mic: 4, ENC noise reduction, mic amplification and echo cancellation;
Volume Control: Yes, via the QCY app;
Codecs: AAC, SBC;
Earbud Weight: 6.34g / Gross Case & Buds Weight: 48.15g;
Earbud Dimensions: 29mm stem length, 24mm depth with nozzle;
Case Dimensions: 54mm width, 54mm depth, 28mm height;
Case Charge Capacity: 380mAh/Full Charge Time: 120 minutes;
Quick Charge: Yes/Wireless Charging: No/Input: 5V 400mA;
Single Use Playtime: Up to 8 hours / Playtime with Charge Case: Up to 40 hours;
Bluetooth Range: Bluetooth® 5.1/10m advertised/Bluetooth Protocols: HFP 1.7/A2DP 1.3/ AVRCP 1.5;
Water Resistance: IPX5.
Immediate availability
2,200 KES(VAT excl.)
Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Lite are perfect for an immersive gaming experience, given their low latency mode.Battery life (only headphones): up to 5 hours
Battery life (headphones + case): up to 18 hours
Charging method: USB Type C
This product is unavailable.
2,684 KES(VAT excl.)
QCY T6 TWS Earphones True Wireless
Bluetooth Version 5.0
Headphones Capacity 60Mah Each/ Case Capacity 600Mah
Playback upto 6 hours/30 Hours With case

This product is unavailable.
3,240 KES(VAT excl.)
Extreme low latency of less than 45ms;Active noice cancellation; Perfect ergonomics, good sound;
Great battery, wireless charging, good calls; Bluetooth 5.2, customisable controls and LED's, app support; Check for G1 Review at
This product is unavailable.
3,300 KES(VAT excl.)
Sound; High Sensitivity,Low distortion,Wide Sound Range
Microphones; 4 Microphones,Active Noise Cancellation(ANC)
Connection; Bluetooth 5.0
Automatic Pairing
IPX5 Certificate
Touch Control
Battery 40Mah Earbuds/600Mah Charging Case
Usage time 3.5 Hours/Upto 21 Hours with charging box
Immediate availability
3,320 KES(VAT excl.)
7mm dynamic driver Response frequency: 20Hz-20kHz Low distortion Dual Hybrid Sound System
Microphones: 4 microphones ANC noise cancellation Connection: Bluetooth v5.0
Immediate availability
3,320 KES(VAT excl.)
Driver: 10mm Dynamic Drivers / Chipset: REALTEK
Mic: 4 / ANC: Yes, up to 40dB / Volume Control: Yes
Codecs: AAC, SBC
Earbud Weight: 4.87g / Earbud Dimensions: 30mm stem length
Gross Case & Buds Weight: 41.21g
Case Dimensions: 57mm (width) x 53mm (height) x 19mm (depth)
Battery & Charging:
Case Charge Capacity: 380mAh / Input: 5v 400mA
Full Charge Time: 2 hours / Charging port: Type-C
Quick Charge: No / Wireless Charging: No
Single Use Playtime: Up to 6 hours (ANC off), 5 hours (ANC on)
Playtime with Charge Case: Up to 24 hours (ANC off), 27 hours (ANC on)
App Support: Yes (Android only)
Bluetooth Range: 10m advertised / Bluetooth: Bluetooth® 5.1
This product is unavailable.
3,800 KES(VAT excl.)
Lightweight, semi in-ear earbuds | High-resolution sound quality | Dual-microphone noise cancellation for calls | Extra-long 20-hour battery life
This product is unavailable.
4,350 KES(VAT excl.)
35dB Smart noise cancellation* | Dual-device connectivity | Wireless charging | 28h long battery life,Use for up to three hours after charging for ten minutes,Dual-device smart connectivity
Compatible with multiple systems,Wireless charging Charging starts when the case is within range,Adjusts the depth of adaptive noise cancellation*
Immediate availability
6,850 KES(VAT excl.)
7mm dynamic driver, Response frequency: 20Hz-20kHz, Low latency (for video games), ANC noise cancellation, Outdoor mode Connection:,Bluetooth v5.0, Distance of use: up to 10 meters
Supports HFP / HSD / A2DP / AVRCP / AAC / SBC, Compatible with Android and iOS APP QCY (Android e iOS ) Battery: 70 mAh (earphones) / 600 mAh (charging case),Usage time: 3.5 hours (earphones with ANC on) / 4.5 hours (earphones with ANC off),Usage time with charging: 30 hours (with ANC off),Charging via USB Type C,Accepts 10W wireless charging
This product is unavailable.
7,250 KES(VAT excl.)
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